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Gateway Greening Planter

30. June 2010



PALLADIUM_Planter-Summer_2010On Saturday, seven St. Louis Master Gardeners assisted Gateway Greening with completing the installation of the St. Louis Planter at Palladium Saint Louis by planting 220 creeping liriope at the base of the planter and applying leaf compost mulch.  The above photograph features the Master Gardeners in front of the completed planting.  

Many thanks to our friends at Gateway Greening and the wonderful volunteers who donated their time!!!

Curtain Call

28. June 2010


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In an effort to continually improve Palladium Saint Louis, we have installed a floor to ceiling acoustic curtain on the East wall. The “stage curtain” is aesthectically pleasing and also improves the acoustics in the building by absorbing sound. It can also darken the room to enhance A/V capabilities.

Photographie Blog

23. June 2010


The other side of my brain {by liz}
April 23, 2010

I don’t get to use the other side of my brain all that often in this job. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing (I’m definitely not complaining!) but the other, more structured, logical side is always trying to find reasons to come out and play. A select few of you may know that before I decided to try and be artsy photographer girl, I managed to get myself a minor in Chemistry. I’m sure you see the relation! Any-who, I have since forgotten pretty much everything I ever learned of that discipline (sorry for the money down the tubes mom and dad!) but something must have stuck.

Last weekend I had the honor of shooting my cousin Niki and Ronnie’s wedding reception at Palladium St. Louis (photos to come in a week or two!) It’s a cool, new reception venue down near Soulard as part of the City Hospital redevelopment. And I thought to myself, I’m pretty sure Palladium is an element. And I was taking the below photo of the Palladium logo at the entrance when it hit me…


I wonder if all of those dots in the logo have anything to do with the electron shells corresponding with Palladium? So when I got home that night I looked it up and sure enough – they do! Quick science lesson – electrons float around the nucleus of an atom in shells. The first shell can hold up to 2 electrons, the next 8, and on and on. Now, let’s pull it all together. Below is a diagram of palladium’s electron shells.

Palladium-shellsSee the resemblance? Props to the creator of the Palladium St. Louis logo for pulling science into a very nice modern logo design! I’m pretty proud of myself but I’m also positive I’m not the first to figure it out.
Ok, enough science for the day…back to non-linear creative thinking!

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