Band Vs DJ

Band vs. DJ: What is a better choice for your wedding?

Deciding between a band or DJ is another big decision that will have a big impact on the overall feel of your wedding. But choosing between the two isn’t always a “one size fits all” choice. Think about what each option has to offer and how it will help you achieve the mood you hope to set.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding between a band and DJ for your wedding:

  1. Budget
    Like many other factors of wedding planning, cost is typically a factor in choosing a band or DJ for your reception. While both vary in terms of pricing, a DJ is usually less expensive than choosing a band. Bands are often a bit “showier” when compared to DJs, and will come with a bigger price tag.
  1. Music Selection
    The difference in music selection is obvious. DJs bring with them a huge artillery of music selection, from top hits across varying charts, to your favorite song by a small-town artist. Bands will have a specific set of songs that they have rehearsed and can perform in front of an audience. Bands are often limited to one or two genres. So, if variety is something that’s important to you, a band is probably not the best choice.
  1. Space Limitations
    Another major consideration when choosing a band or DJ is the amount of space available to you. DJs typically ask for a 6 ft. or 8 ft. table to set up their equipment.  Bands are known to come with a lot of requirements, with space being at the top of that list. Before signing a contract, ask your band how much space they need. Some of them will need as much as a 20 ft. space, which some venues simply won’t have to spare.
  1. Venue Constraints
    Some venues flat out do not allow bands for a variety of reasons. Additionally, some venues may not have the electrical capabilities required for a band. Contact your sales rep or event coordinator to confirm that the requirements of your band mesh with the capabilities of your venue.
  1. Timeframe
    A commonly missed detail is the timeframe of the venue versus the timeframe of your entertainment. How long is your reception? How long have you contracted your band/DJ? If your contracted time of your venue is longer than the time for your music, what will you do? Plan ahead for this so you aren’t scrambling for last-minute solutions.

For some people, the music will be the most important element of their wedding. Think carefully about what is important to you + your partner. Stay true to the mood you want to set and you are sure to make the right decision! The music is the pulse of your wedding. How do you want it to beat?

Written by Brittany Morlan
Sales & Catering Manager