Honeymoon Trends

2018 honeymoon trends appear to all have the same theme, adventure. Whether it is going on a safari in Africa or setting up your pop-up pod in the Thai jungle, everyone seems to crave the outdoors in exotic countries. Your honeymoon is a time to get away and do something with your significant other that you haven’t done before. Bungee jumping, scuba diving, or dune-buggying through a desert are a few ways couples are getting back to nature, together.

Other trends we have noticed that come with adventure is giving back. Many couples are wanting to travel & help those in need at the same time. Many of the exotic travel destinations have villages in need. Couples can still seek adventure while also lending a hand to the locals around them.

2018 seems to be the year of turning off technology & diving into the world around us. So turn off your phone and take your loved one on a trip you both will never forget.

We found these trends and more from our friends at The Knot. Check out the complete list!

Written by Paton Nix
Event Manager