MLS Announcement at Palladium Saint Louis

There have been so many memorable events held at the Palladium Saint Louis since the opening in 2009, but the recent announcement that St. Louis will be home to the 28th team in Major League Soccer goes down in history as one of the most exciting events held in this space. It was a big secret to keep – only a few key team members were in-the-know, taking charge of the details and planning to ensure the magic and purity of the news would be shared with the community all at once. This took some major discretion and dedication and we couldn’t be prouder of the team who made it all happen.

A press conference is not a typical set up for Palladium Saint Louis, and in fact, most people know it as a wedding venue. However, with the tall ceilings, customizable lighting and advanced A/V system, the space can easily be transformed (and is well suited!) for a large crowd and broadcast equipment. As we mentioned above, it took a team of people to make this happen, so we can’t forget to give props to TSV Sound & Vision for helping us take the client’s vision and make it a reality.

During the opening of the event, light hors d’ oeuvres, crafted by the chefs at Butler’s Pantry, were shared. Fruit kebabs, caprese stacks, prosciutto “carpaccio”, and a blackened sea bass taco.

This event meant something different to everyone, but for our team at Palladium Saint Louis, it gave us another opportunity to bring people together and do what we love best: provide unique event solutions and an
exceptional experience.

Congratulations to our community, our city, our region and all of our enthusiastic soccer fans who showed up to welcome and support the new team!

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