Spring Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding color palette is one of the most important selections you will make in planning your wedding. Your color scheme and how you choose to execute it will have the biggest impact on the tone of your wedding. Pro-tip: Don’t choose your color scheme until after you’ve chosen a venue. You may fall in love with a venue that isn’t well-suited to your palette.

Now that Spring has arrived, let’s look at some color schemes to inspire your planning!

  1. White

White is an all-time classic for weddings. We often see brides use white as their solitary color for everything from flowers, to linens, napkins, draping and beyond, creating a chic, glamorous look. With so many flower selections coming in white, it’s an easy color to use to go formal or casual.



  1. Blush

Blush has taken the wedding industry by storm, proving itself a color with staying power. This wildly popular shade of pink makes an appearance in many forms. Whether using blush lighting or blush florals, it sets the scene for a very romantic and classic event. This neutral color is even sneaking its way into fall events by incorporating bold jewel tones.


  1. Violet

Purple is the color of the year according to Pantone. This multi-dimensional color synonymous with luxury has unlimited potential. The purple spectrum ranges from soft shades of lavender to choices bold enough to provoke memories of characters like Prince who made the shade such a legendary selection.


While choosing wedding colors is an important decision, it shouldn’t be a stressful one. Your colors should reflect you, your future-spouse and the mood you hope to create on your wedding day.

Written by Brittany Morlan
Sales & Catering Manager