Summertime Flavors

Summer is my favorite time of year – not only because of sunshine + relaxing by the pool, but you get to enjoy some of the best food + flavors the year has to offer! While the classics are always a hit – hotdogs, brats + ice cream – you definitely may want to throw in a few out of the box ideas, that will not only surprise your guests with a few new delicious options but will also be a great change for everyone’s palate.

When you plan your event at Palladium Saint Louis, the menus are changed twice a year to not only keep up with what is in season, but also to ensure we’re staying up to speed with current food trends. By planning a menu focusing on summer flavors, you’re sure to keep the dinner light, fresh & on-trend!

A few of my favorite of our summer-inspired menu items are:

If we’re not helping you plan your celebration, you can always pull your own summertime flavor inspiration from Women’s Day or the Food Network.

Happy Planning!

Written by Nicole Jenkins
Director of Sales & Catering